Texting 'ChaCha' free answer service

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Amiercan buddy Han and I were bored, so we decided to text-hassle the people who write answers for 'Cha Cha' answer service.

Is this cha cha?
Yes, this is ChaCha. Wanna know how it works? Text 'How' to 242-242

Half a million people use ChaCha. But you can just think of us as a smart find who answers your q's. All free to you because it's ad supported.

Why do people keep casting Vince Vaughn in movies?
Directors keep casting Vince Vaughn in movies because he is a recognisable face, which means more ticket sales.

How does the movie 'Mortal Kombat' manage to be both the best film and the worst film ever made at the same time?
Because Mortal Kombat kicks butt epically. It is impossible for it to be the worst movie ever made, just like it is impossible for Chuck Noriss to fail.

If Donald Trump is so rich, why can't he afford a realistic-looking wig?
It's real. Quote: "My hair is 100% mine, no animals have been harmed in the creation of my hairstyle. For blonde jokes, text BLJ.

I'm a blonde woman who has suffered years of discrimination due to the colour of my hair. Do you think 'blonde jokes' are funny?
Hey, before we answer, please help us personalise ChaCha, to better meet your needs. Please answer four short cues... Question 1 - What is your gender? Question 2 - What type of phone do you have? Question 3 - What's your zip code? Question 4 - What is your age?

Why haven't you answered, I'm seriously offended.
If you don't want any blonde jokes, don't ask for them. Consider asking for kid-friendly jokes instead.

Ok. Why did the paedophile cross the road?
It was a historical inevitability.

How much does a bag of severed nipples weigh?
(still trying to answer last question) To get to the other child?

You ignored my question. How many servered nipples does it take to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool? If you don't answer this, I will never use your service again.
The volume of an olympic size pool is 2500m3, in parenthisis it's 88,000 cubic feet, or 25 million litres. So it would take well over 10 billion nipples.(or 5 billion kidnapped prostitutes)

In terms of RAW STENCH, what is the stinkiest city in the entire world?
Coalinga has the honour of being the stinkiest city in America, because of the wonderful smell of cow stench.

What's the best piece of music ever made?
'Grand Galop Chromatique' by Franz Liszt is considered one of the hardest piano pieces ever made.

Why do people never learn from history?
People don't try to learn from their mistakes and get caught up in the now. Sad but true!

Would it be best to go through life with a trash can as a head (but a normal body), or a normal human upper-body, but with termite legs?
Without a doubt, it would be better to have a trash can for a head. The legs of a termite would not be able to support the weight of a human body.

Has anyone ever had a fistfight over the results of a Venn diagram?
I have never heard of anybody doing that. Anything else?

Yeah. Who is the most pretentious living person in the world today?
The most pretentious living person is probably Donald Trump - after the war of the Rosie, the Donald's new claim to fame is his elevation to first place in Fat Bastard's 'most pretentious' poll. In fact, his pretensions never end - he puts his name on everything from buildings to business suits to vodka and cologne.

What can you tell me about American citizen Han Whitesides?
I found a Han Whitesides that lives in San Francisco, CA, and Kailua Kona, HI.

What the FUCK is Colonel Gaddafi's problem?
Dr Ruth has answers to your sexual problems. "Condoms go on the penis, not IN the penis. Text 'SexEd' to 242242 for hilarious sex advice!