Unravelling the mystery of the Jejune Institute

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It all started from an email sent by a friend- Evan - a man whose acquaintance I had stumbled across after I had decided to smear sour cream across his face on a night out in the Mission District.

yo sam im up im the city today doing some wandering with a friend and was wondering what you're up to?
Never one to turn down a generous social gesture, I headed out to meet Evan and his friend, despite suspecting a revenge-sour-creaming.

Celebrate Saturday night with a naked handstand

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

On seasonal Saturdays in San Francisco city, teams of urban adventurers, some friends, some strangers, begin to submerge on a bar that has been chosen by their 'captain'.
At first, all seems quiet, just a few twenty-somethings in black t-shirts which display the word CLASH.
As the the clock starts to tick towards 9pm, however, the bar quickly fills up with excited CLASHERS - that is to say - participants in the California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters.