Celebrate Saturday night with a naked handstand

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

On seasonal Saturdays in San Francisco city, teams of urban adventurers, some friends, some strangers, begin to submerge on a bar that has been chosen by their 'captain'.
At first, all seems quiet, just a few twenty-somethings in black t-shirts which display the word CLASH.
As the the clock starts to tick towards 9pm, however, the bar quickly fills up with excited CLASHERS - that is to say - participants in the California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters.

Whilst the scavengers mingle amongst their teammates (and rivals), slamming back alcohol for dutch courage, their captain slowly begins handing out 'task-sheets' - lists of rude, risque and raucous challenges that they will have to perform within the next hour.
Each of the challenges has to be photographed, and a points value (between 1 and 5 points) is allocated, in accordance with the severity of the challenge completed.

Teams can notch up points by completing relatively simple challenges, such as:

Locate a stranger with a tramp stamp

Dress as a paedophile
Chug a pitcher of beer

In the spirit of traditional Scavenger Hunting, medium range points are awarded for performing challenges in specific locations, such as:

Start a limbo line in Q-bar

Get naked in front of the Naked Lunch restaurant
Dance in front of the Mission Street salsa bar
The highest range of points are reserved for those teams who possess the luck (or the blind cheek) to pull off the most difficult and ridiculous challenges:

Find a Jersey Shore girl and suck tequila out of her breservoir (breast reservoir)

Get naked (apart from shoes and socks) on Haight high street

Convince strangers to help your team build a human pyramid
After the teams have frantically rushed around the chosen neighbourhood, completing challenges and making a few new friends (and enemies) along the way, they return to the bar to see their photos up on wide screen projecters, often alongside a bemused public.
The teams who rack up the most points are crowned CLASH champions and awarded with a wrestler's weight in beer.
"Just lie still, i'm not gonna pour it in your face"

The event itself typifies the best of San Francisco nightlife - not just because of the large quantities of beer, boobs and balls flying around, but because it fills a void for folk who are looking for that special something - an event where the customer isn't simply spectator or consumer, but a participant in a bonding experience that proves to be memorable, mischevious and very free-spirited indeed.

For details on up-and-coming scavenger hunts in San Francisco: http://www.clashsf.com/schedule.html


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