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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Like most people, I've been de-sensitised by the astronomical amount of jaw-dropping filth and inexplicable oddness that I've seen on the internet.
It takes something pretty special to keep me on a site for more than 14 seconds, and that's where the wonderful Helen Demetriou comes in.
I first came across Helen's videos when looking for a link to Carl Jung's incredible & bizarre red book.

I found a link on the site Temple Illuminatus, before looking around the site & discovering that this veritable temple of enlightment actually contained barely enough knowledge to fit inside Tinkerbell's chuff.

But whilst clicking around, quietly scoffing and disinterestedly masturbating myself, I entered a 'witches forum' and found a link to one of Helen's videos, on 'How to deflect negative energy, or psychic attacks'.

The video featured a woman who looked a bit like that Doreen offof Birds of a Feather, blinking smugly & dispensing advice about 'wearing pieces of mirror and shiny objects' and advising people to wrap their houses in aluminium foil. After watching, I gleefully scrolled down to read all of the piss-taking comments, but there were none.
Which, considering that I'd seen people being issued with death threats by other youtube users, simply for mispelling the Latin names of arachnids, was surprising.

Instead, like with many spiritual prophets such as Jesus, Buddha and Jeremy Kyle, all kinds of troubled people seemed to be drawn to Helen:

Hi Helen, my sister has been sending me psychic attack i have tried everything we have the same father who was in the occult she practices black magic, when i was 18 she stole my fiance' and had tow kids by hum she also sexually abused me, she just wont stop going after me she always says I was daddy's favorite my health is getting worse and i have lost friends and loved ones b/c of her. Please help.ps my DAD died in 2003
Helen, like jesus with the leper, had a wise and compassionate answer:

Blessings. Go to my channel and look for the video emergency psychic protection. The true gods, the Elohim/Anunnaki/Archons are very powerful and Goddess Inanna, an incarnation of Sophia in matter will protect you. Just watch my videos  xxx

Not one to waste my life being petty, I wrote a brief comment on Helen's 'psychic attacks' video:
Hi Helen, I live in a tough neighbourhood of East London. I get a lot of negative energy attacks from people on my estate in hackney, so I followed your advice and started walking around with the bathroom mirror hanging from my neck, and my car wing mirrors selotaped to the side of my head. The negative energy seems to have increased, if anything, so I'm planning to take it up a notch by making a giant dream catcher out of pipe cleaners and glueing it to my head. Many Celestial Blessings xoxo
before heading to her 'Emergency psychic protection' video, one of 469 videos that Helen has on her youtube channel, some of them attracting more than a quarter-of-a-million viewers.
The video begins with Helen presenting a Blue Peteresque guide to making home-made holy water, which she intended to pour in a blessed mop bucket & use as a holy floor wash, as she'd been 'messed with' by a spirit in her sleep.

I then went to Helen's website, where she offers her mystical treatments and knowledge (such as 'Shamanic Soul Retrieval') in exchange for enchanted sheets of paper called 'money', which can be used to obtain items such as toilet bleach, black eye-liner & a pack of 20 benson and hedges.

One of Helen's most expensive treatments is the Archangel Michael & Co. Space clearing and Protection.
"Helen brings with her the Archangel Michael and the Cleansing Angels (the perfect name for a christian rock group?) when she enters your home. With her skill and wisdom she is able to cleanse the chakras of the property and harmonise the energies. Helen is also able to visit your home astrally if you do not live in Cyprus. Through meditation, prayers and visualizations she can enter your home and carry out a space clearing. 150 euro."
The thing that will always fascinate me about 'mediums' and other quack peddlers is wondering whether or not they actually believe in their own hyperbole, or are only out to make money.
"Helen studied Beauty and Massage Therapy at college, and it was when clients favoured her to give massages that she realized she was channeling energy and relieving symptoms of pain at the same time."
In the case of people like Helen, I think it may be a combination of the two factors.  Perhaps she started out with a few confidence-building delusions about her special powers and 'healing hands', and was encouraged to expand her fantasies after having seen another magical mysterious psychic medium on TV.
Once she'd started expressing her grandoise, ethereal ideas, perhaps she then received a small amount of postive feedback, which concreted her ideas into what, for her, might have become a shaky reality that is doubtlessly impossible to remove with any 'facts'.
Her business, after all, is offering an 'alternative' to fact (ie fiction).

Anyway, if you happen to be as unhealthily obsessed by Helen as I am, I've trawled through the recent communication history of her facebook page, and posted some of the highlights here. It gives you a nice insight into the amount of time that Helen spends sending genuinely nice, affectionate messages to people, and also into the self-indulgent cycle of lunacy that makes a community of people fret about negative auras, cutting-demons and the culinary preferences of Zeus, King of the Gods.

I just saw your video on sending psychic messages and i am trying to ask the thoughtform but there is no yes or no ? what do i do ??

Helen Demetriou
if they say no or nothing then try again another time
(Ask magic 8 ball Helen another question!)

 Hey Helen I was wondering if you know why I am having a strong sensation in the area of my brow and crown chakras?
Helen Demetriou
Maybe you are receiving an activation of the third eye :) and maybe its opening wider :)
(Maybe it's a headache :)

Hey beautiful Helen , do you know what offerings Zeus prefers? Thank you , Blessed be.
Helen Demetriou
Hi Andrew :D  I usually give things like olive oil.
(Shit, I gave him socks last christmas!)

Hi helen :) should I eat more organic foods, in order to help me to connect with my angels better? and do you know of a good store where I could buy essential oils?
(Oil? Ask Zeus.)

Hey Helen my friend and I are very much into ascension.. and building up our vibrational frequency. But sometimes when we get together we create an energy where we end up going out to bars and partying. This happens like once every week. I end up feeling really guilty... like i took a few steps back. I know poisons are damaging to DNA development... will this effect an individuals ascension severely??
 Helen Demetriou
lol there isnt wrong in having fun :P you need to have play time to have balance from your spiritual work :)
(Lol just don't vibrate too hard on the dancefloor lol)


Hey Helen, latley I've been working on meditation, and I have also been able to sense my guardian angels. I can also hear very small whispers from them. However, my ego keeps kicking in, telling me that the loving whispers im recieving are just my own thoughts . Can you please tell me how I can communicate with my angels so that I can actually hear them?
 Blessings. Firstly know that this is not your imagination or your own words. Secondly, cleansing your chakras twice a day will help you to tune in clearly to the spirit and celestial dimensions.
(Chakra cleansing lotion can be found at all participating Superdrug stores.)


Dear Helen i think i am a physic mediums can u help me i am disabled in a weelchair iam 24 year can u help me get storger in my gift much love Helen xoxo
Helen Demetriou
Blessings Jonathan, just watch my videos xxxx
(He already suffers from a disability, do you have to infict your videos on him, too?)

 Hello Helen :) am wondering if I could ask you a very important question?
Do you have any information about how to get rid of a cutting demon ??
I AM very serious ... a family member has this problem - a child. It just started ... only 2 cuts - razor blade - she's been in hospital a week - she told the counselor and people there she saw a ghost also - but I saw a whole group of dark orbs at her house 5 years ago and did a cleansing .... and there has been signs of dark energy there - but, what now ?? Much appreciated. Deb
 Helen Demetriou
Blessings Deb.  This is very very serious. Call on the Goddess Inanna and tell whoever is in the house to leave that they are not welcome..that in the name of Inanna they are banished! SHOUT IT! Stamp your foot. Let me send you some videos here, and when you have watched them email me, ok?
Thank you for your answer - I appreciate your time as I haven't money to pay psychics like Sylvia Browne or Gary Spidey - Or James Van Praagh for that matter. Deb.
(Helen may not provide the luxurious, high-end ghostbusting of James Van Praaaagh, but her foot stomping advice is fucking good value for money.)

Sam Sherwood
Hi Helen. I've watched all your videos, thankyou so much for being such a huge inspiration! I have a question for you.
I was meditating on my balcony a few days ago, and a benevolent bearded figure stood in line with my inner eye. He complimented me on my spiritual progress, but then said that to progress more, I should realize that things that i practice, like aura cleansing, angel calling, mind reading, religious ceremonies, reiki, tarot, acupuncture etc. are all silly intangible practices. The only possible benefit of these practices would be one of placebo, he told me, and the downside - possible medical complications arising from believers like me abandoning their tried-and-tested medicine in favour of an alternative therapy that doesn't actually work, such as in this case..
He conceded that some of the practices are harmless enough, perhaps offering a little false hope for vulnerable people, but that to be truly enlightened, people should rise above these false, indulgent rituals and just enjoy the tangible things that are; the amazing things that are all around us, all the time, like rivers, mountains, birds, thunderstorms, tadpoles, sex, art and love.
 He then stroked his beard, before opining that 'there's more truth and beauty in a single human heartbeat than there is in a thousand healing crystals'.
My question is - do you think there's some truth to this, or do you think he's only trying to close my mind and fill me with negative energy because he's a malevolent hellbeast-demon?
Celestial Blessings xoxo
Helen Demetriou
Blessings. No, I believe he is a projection from the dark brotherhood trying to make you stop your spiritual practices which will stop you becoming more enlightened. A being of light would tell you to enjoy both and encourage you and thank you and praise you for your efforts. The more enlightened you become the more you are helping to turn our world around.


For more satire, travel articles and micro-fiction, like Sam's facebook page, The Daily Guttersnipe. 


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Amar Utu/Lupus Animus is actually the Helen in question and she....is....pissed!!!

lol personally I found the narration behind this article/blog rather amusing and can't understand where the hatred of the person commenting is coming from

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