14 desert haiku

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hairy Cacti
Greet you with open arms
Expecting a hug

A green sunrise
Smeared upwards to an ink stain
Dotted with stars

The view is nice but
You can't drink it, climb on it
or kick it

Opening a beer
on the cheap metal handle
of the motel drawer

The sun sets beyond
the craning oil pumps, but
they still creak away

My jeans are
half-covered in dust, and there's
grit in my boot

Death Valley raven
Faithful companion, waiting
to peck out my eyes

You don't see the stars
Unless you stop walking
and look up

Thanks a bunch
for running over my rucksack
you trucker fuck

The desert wind
a dry and creaking voice
older than dust

When was the last time
You took a big steaming piss
under the stars?

What's down your hole,
Desert rat, don't steal my chips
Desert rat

The desert wind
fills your ears, you turn your head
and it stops; silence.

Long empty freeways
Snowy mountains rising up from
red scrub and baked dust